Sunday, December 21, 2008

A New Reader

Friday was a momentous day in our home! After practicing his phonics sounds, Luke asked me to quiz him on how to spell words like I do with Elijah. So we started out with CAT, HAD, PEN, SUN, BUS, etc. and with some help making each letter sound, Luke did a fabulous job! Once we were on a roll, Elijah joined in to help teach Luke by writing words on our white board and reviewing more phonics sounds. Then, Luke read his first book!!! We have the first set of BOB Books which are great phonetic readers. I can't describe how proud Luke was of his accomplishment. He read and re-read the first two books and now has them memorized. I am amazed at how much Luke picks up by participating with Elijah during our school day. It's wonderful to see the two of them helping and encouraging one another. Way to go, Luke!

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