Monday, March 2, 2009

Dog House

The boys had the opportunity to paint bobble head dogs at their Keepers of the Faith program at church this past Sunday (yesterday). Their fascination with the dogs has lead to dreams of dog houses, dog names, dog toys, dog house accessories, etc. I decided to help them create a dog house and count this as our art project for the week. We used a cardboard box and cut and taped to the shape we wanted, then set up for painting. If you look closely, you can see their dogs sitting at the table patiently waiting for their new home to be created and decorated.

We created a removable portion of the roof so they could add more toys and "food" for the dogs as needed without reach into the doorway. They decided that the removable roof was also a great idea for sunny days so the dogs would not have to sit in the dark but could still be protected from the rain on wet days.

Luke's dog is named Spot.

Elijah's dog is named Jeffrey Digger.

Here's the finished dog house with Isaac and his special Ruff-ruff (aka dirty dog - he was seriously chewed on and loved and has turned a lovely shade of browny grey instead of the shiny grey of his original coat). Maybe we'll have to do a little unit on dogs or atleast read some great doggie stories!

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Liana said...

I sure hope the boys paid close attention to not TARNISH the Welcome Weekend '95 shirts! I still have mine & wear it to bed, LOL - & my husband likes to tell me, "That shirt is 14 years old, get rid of it!"