Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letter of Intent

We've sent our "letter of intent" to the school district to inform them of our plans to homeschool for this coming school year. Not a hard letter to write...just one sentence basically repeating what I said above...but nerve racking for me. I get nervous and anxious when doing new things for the first time. I spell checked the letter about 5 times just to be sure I wasn't giving a bad first impression with misspelled words. I re-read the letter about 10 times. I made my husband read it. I looked up the school address 3 times and the superintendant's name 3 times as well. I sent the letter certified mail as recommended and clarified all the merits of certified mail with the postal clerk...twice. All this and I basically copied the sentence word for word from a new homeschoolers packet provided by my homeschool support their suggestion. I think I've got all the bases covered...very well. And yet...I'm nervous. Anxious. Waiting for a response. 10 days.


TulipGirl said...

*L* I totally understand! (Though, I printed out a LoI form from online. We still have to turn our evaluations in from this past year.)

Carole said...

I did the same thing. I was sure there must be a typo SOMEWHERE in there!