Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hooray for the boost of confidence standardized testing has provided me! PHEW! We received the results of Elijah's exams measuring Language Arts and Math (IOWA Tests of Basic Skills - Advanced Kindergarten level). He did exceptionally well. Honestly, testing was really about me this year and finding proof that I can do this. To have proof in hand that I am not delusional about the progress we made this year is a huge encouragement to me. It makes my heart just about burst to know that Eli's learning occurred under my instruction! Watching him learn to read this past year was as exciting as those first steps and first baby words. I am so blessed to be the one witnessing this monumental and crucial step in his education!

Lest you think I am taking ALL the credit...Elijah is a fast learner and eager to show what he knows. He enjoys his workbooks and teaching letters and sounds to Luke. He loves playing learning games and sorting through flashcards. He keeps his chunky notebook close by to write things down (words or numbers) when ever the mood strikes. He loves counting...today, he surprised me by saying he thought he knew how to count to 1,000 (by 100's) and he did! He always loves our challenge game - "I bet you can't spell _____" followed by "Okay, you knew that one, but this is even harder...I bet you can't add 7 + 5!" and so on.

I am grateful for this year of homeschooling. I have never been this intentional with my time and purpose with the boys, but it has proved to be the best choice for our family. I know my children better than before and have deepened our relationships. I know myself better than ever - the good and the bad. Praise the Lord, he's working in my heart! I have enjoyed my children more than ever, ever, EVER...and I can only pray that the future will be just as successful. It's not simply about academics, though. By the state education standards, we were quite successful this year. But that isn't how I ultimately measure our success. It's about doing what's best for our children desiring to please God above all else and challenging them to strive for the same.

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