Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing School

Today, the boys wanted to "play" school. Okay! I was informed that in this particular school, the only classes were Math, Lunch and Recess. All three boys sat at the dining room table with their little chunky notebooks writing the numbers and addition problems I dictated to them. Some write better than others, some actually know how to add, and some simply draw their usual circle patterns over and over. They'd stop and raise their hand to ask me a question. They called me "teacher" all evening. I gave out stickers for good work and marked incorrect answers in red. The cafeteria served warm banana bread with milk for Lunch and bicycle skills were practiced in Recess.

I have to laugh at this pretend play (even though it was good review) and wonder what it is they think we are doing every other day...especially during the "school year." It appears that I've done a decent job of not making our school day look like a school day one would normally think of. That makes me happy! It also makes me happy that they would know how to behave in a "real" classroom, too!

Gotta go...Elijah just asked if we can keep playing school!

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