Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

First day of school smiles from the whole far, so good! It's only been two days, but I am even more convinced that I've made good curriculum choices this year. It's not been hard to get the boys going each morning...they've been asking to start school for several weeks now. The only tough thing is feeling a little more tired out from getting back into the school routine again.

Here is our shelf of notebook binders for each subject we're studying. Luke has one notebook for the various things he joins in on with Elijah. I have one acting as my lesson planner, grade keeper and idea file. The rest are Elijah's. I'm sure I'll be thankful to have a place to file papers as the year continues. It was fun to get these ready...the boys chose scrapbook paper from my stash and I printed the subject name on each of them on the computer.

With one year under my belt, I am more confident and relaxed in our homeschool endeavor. I am thankful that Mike wants to help out more this year than he did last year. I am hopeful and excited about the year to come!

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