Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cuneiform Tablets

We are using The Story of the World for our History studies this year. It presents a chronological study of history in four volumes. We are really enjoying this curriculum for it's interactive nature, the way it links to our studies of people in Bible times (currently reading through Exodus), the use of supplemental reading and the great activity suggestions for each chapter. I love that we read about a topic then Elijah narrates back to me about what he remembers. Of course, I help him by asking questions to discover what he's retained. Then we (I write for now) write a few sentences about the important facts of our study for that day. Elijah usually draws a picture depicting the narration we've just written. Currently, we are learning about the Egyptians and Sumerians and their discoveries of the first forms of writing, hieroglyphics and cuneiform. One of the suggested activities was to make our own cuneiform tablets.

Daddy helping Elijah in forming his name and initials on his clay tablet.

The top row spells "ELIJAH" and the bottom row spell "EMF."

Luke usually participates in all our history studies and was very excited to make his tablet...though I ended up creating his name and initials for him.

The top row spells "LUKE" and the bottom row spells "LDF."

In case you've ever wondered what Isaac does when I am teaching...he loves to join in at times and I highly encourage it! Often he plays with blocks, puzzles or cars on the floor nearby or colors pictures or scrounges in the cabinets for something to eat...Today though, he definitely wanted to join in on the fun. He loves playdough and daddy's screwdrivers.

It looks like a cookie...sort of!


Tarah said...

I plan to keep in touch with you over the next 3 or 4 years especially, so that when it comes time for me to homeschool I can have you as a resource and inspiration. Even your notebook labels impress me!!!!!! I want to be just like you when i grow up.

Jennifer said...

Those look great! You are good... I just skipped over that suggested project in SOTW. : )

Carisa said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I love your blog and will certainly be back to visit!

I love this activity and will definitely do it with Paxton, I am not a big follow-up project Mom but this one I really like!