Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RPO OrKidstra Concert

Elijah, Luke and I went to an OrKidstra concert performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra this past Sunday. This series of concerts is geared for ages 3-9. It was phenomenal!

Prior to the concert there was an activity time where we were able to participate in several workshops...creating our own composition then having the RPO pianist play it for us, violin and cello petting zoo where Eli got to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with the help of a Hochstein music student and circle time playing with small percussion instruments, parachutes and scarves. Much to my boys dismay and at the same time pleasure that I didn't make them participate, there was also a ballet class...they peeked in the door and immediately asked to go to another activity. Too many tu-tus!

Once the concert started, the conductor was so adept at explaining the various styles of music, engaging the children in question and answers, and making it fun! It was an interactive, noisy, relaxed, superb concert. We arrived early enough to secure front row center balcony seats for the best view. I loved seeing Elijah and Luke leaning at the edge of the wall caught up in the music. The best part was Eli pretending to be and mimicing the conductor. Arms flailing with crisp, although late cut-offs.

The music selections were from Copeland, Pachelbel, Gershwin, Stravinsky, Piazolla and Bartok. My favorites were from Aaron Copeland, while the boys both loved the Stravinsky because "it was loud and sounded like a lion!"
We will definitely attend the remaining three concerts!

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Carole said...

I thought I saw your boys there! We were on the first floor. Anyhow, I told the boys that they'd be able to touch the instruments - but for some reason I thought that was AFTER the concert. Darn! What time did you have to arrive to "pet" the instruments.

My favorites were the Copeland pieces as well - tear inducing fav's. And the boys liked the Stravinsky as well. The drums were great - and, sad to say, I suppose, they recognized it from a little einstein's movie.