Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day by Day a Week Goes Round

Day by Day a Week Goes Round by Carol Diggory Shields

I found this sweet book through my library system and love the catchy, rhyming verses for learning the days of the week. The author also has another book called Month by Month a Year Goes Round following the same format.

At the beginning of each of these books there is a poem I thought would be fun for memorization. Elijah is working on it right now and has it almost perfected. We're calling it "Day by Day" because there is no official title so we used the book name as the poem name.

"The sun comes up, the moon goes down,
By tick and tock a day goes round.
The days go dancing, one by one,
When seven pass, a week is done.
The moon is counting in the sky,
As week by week a month goes by.
Month by month the seasons swing,
Summer, autumn, winter, spring.
The moon comes up, the sun goes down,
And month by month a year goes round."

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